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The Global Sexual Health and Freedom Summit brings together a global community by celebrating the diversity of humanity.  Where ALL people experience life as a joyful expression of who we are. Accepting freedom, and understanding the fundamental values of sexuality with integrity.

More than just an event, this is a safe space for everyone. Whatever your view of sex, orientation, attraction, or gender identity, this is a safe space to learn and explore. There will be a wide variety of topics in and around sexuality that you may not have heard before. We have 14 speakers on topics ranging from:

Talking to children about sex, sexuality, and relationships in a safe and empowering way to how sex is viewed around the world, from creating powerful and authentic relationship structures to the power of touch for intimacy & wellbeing, from understand one transgender journey to supporting partners who have experienced sexual trauma in their lives, and so many more.

Society uses sex to sell everything from sports cars to large screen TVs, but we are not taught about the power of sex to heal body, mind, and spirit, what is normal as the body changes over lifetime, how strong connections with others are formed, and how to joyfully embrace our own sacred sexuality. 


Join us at the Global Sexual Health and Freedom Summit to get your questions answered or just soak in the power that has been hidden from view. This is a  conversation whose time has come!