Talking Sexuality

Bridget Ryan

Bridget is a proud Co-founder of an erotic immersive arts collective, an Alternative Relationship Coach, and host of my own brand new, sex positive podcast, "Not Just Sex Stuff." Her passion lies in creating a bridge between the unconscious pursuit of desire and the conscious pursuit of desire. To that end Kathleen co-created “forLove”, a community of pleasure activists, technologists, and erotic experience architects, dedicated to safely and equitably spreading sex-positive culture. She views this as both an immense privilege and a serious responsibility.

Shaun Hamilton

Shaun Hamilton, a U.S. Navy veteran, husband, and author talks about his experiences being a partner of survivor of sexual violence. He passionately delivers his case as why it's so important that partners understand their role and responsibilities in the healing process of the survivor. "You are either helping them or hurting them, there is no middle ground."

Queen Rev. Mutima Imani

The Queen Rev. Mutima Imani is a Social Justice Visionary, who is a tantra Teacher and Student whose mission is to Heal the Heart of Humanity One Heart at a time. Queen Mutima provides 21st Century Tools for Personal & Professional Development and Transformation. She believes in and teaches the healing power of touch. She encourages people to use touch as a transformational tool that heals the soul and brings the mind and body into balance. She has answers to the questions about love, sex and intimacy that everyone is afraid to ask. The Queen loves to love and teaches that love is the key to greater intimacy. She is passionate about how all things work together and what humans can learn from the natural world to increase our ability to have more pleasure in our daily lives.

Erin Thompson

Erin Thompson has a law degree from John Marshall Law School. She is an experienced professor of social entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University and the Polk Institute foundation, a projects manager and housing advocate with Inner City Law Center in Los Angeles, and founded The S Word Project non-profit and it ran from 2013-2018. The S Word Project produced after school meetings, engaging video projects and conferences for hundreds of teens in Chicago and Los Angeles where they learned communication and critical thinking skills through exploring the subjects of sex and relationships. Erin is currently writing a book for parents about how to have "the talk' with their teens. She also enjoys working out, engaging on social media, cooking and songwriting.

Mark Schoen, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark Schoen created SexSmartFilms.com in 2008. It is an online resource for streaming 660 sexual health films from 52 different countries. He produced many of the popular, early sex therapy films, wrote the children’s book, Bellybuttons Are Navels (and produced the award-winning film of the same title). Bellybuttons Are Navels From 2006 – 2009 Mark served on the National Advisory Council on Sexual Health at Morehouse School of Medicine led by former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher. Over the last forty years Dr. Schoen has produced fifty-five films focusing on sexual education, research, and therapy. His documentary TRANS was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show on September 29, 2010. Since its release in 2012 TRANS has won nine Best Documentary Awards and is the #1 LGBT film on Amazon Prime.  

Paul Zohav M.Ed.

Paul Zohav M.Ed. comes to Marriage and Communication with a master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Virginia. He is an ordained Professional Chaplain and skilled Domestic Violence Counselor. Some ten years ago, Paul initiated Marriage and Communication Coaching, where he coaches couples the skills, insights, and best practices for relationships and marriages that grow to last a lifetime in Tucson Arizona.

Kristin Rivas

Kristin Rivas takes people on life-changing, career-saving journeys. She helps her clients live purpose driven, healthy, joyful lives through her work as a Hypnotherapist, Brain Health Coach, and online educator. As a mental health advocate, keynote speaker, and presenter of the TEDx talk “The Life Changing Power Of Words,” Kristin has made a massive positive impact on over 1.5 million people’s lives and counting. For the past decade, she has had the honor of assisting over 3,500 clients with transformational experiences to clear trauma and adopt better health or wellbeing through mindset and lifestyle changes. Her e-course, “Connection To Purpose”, equips you with the essential emotional intelligence skills every adult needs but most of us were never taught.


De-Andrea Blaylock-Johson, LCSW-S, CST

De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson (she/her) is licensed in the State of Missouri as a Clinical Social Worker and LCSW supervisor, and is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. She has worked in the field of behavioral health for over 15 years. As a graduate of Saint Louis University, she majored in social work and minored in theology before completing a Master of Social Work degree at Washington University in St. Louis. She sees herself as a catalyst for positive change, serving as a collaborator and co-facilitator in healing and enjoys the journey of working with her clients. As the owner of Sankofa Sex Therapy, LLC, she works with individuals and those in all types of relationships and also provides therapy from a Christian perspective when requested. She conducts workshops about sexuality and intimacy and is a member of the Leadership Collective of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network. She also serves as a Facilitator with Theater of War Productions, completing two off-Broadway runs of the critically-acclaimed Antigone in Ferguson. In addition to being #YourFavoriteSexTherapist, she is a hunter of fabulous earrings and a baby sneakerhead.

Ico Edward Fish

Ico, (pronounced Ee-Co) the Incredibly Caring Organism is a Sacred Sexuality Shamans and uses They/Them pronouns. They are the founder of Enlightened Consent Foundation, which provides kinky, polyamorous and LGBTQ+ identified individuals with transformative experiences and supportive resources so they get to experience being completely seen, honored, and loved and co-create a world where everyone feels that they belong in. Ico identifies as queer, genderfluid, kinky switch, and polyamorous. They are creating safer communities for people like themselves to be connected, embraced, understood, and loved for who they truly are. What Enlightened Consent means to Ico is that they believe that each person is their own sovereign being and gets to say what is right for themselves and what they want, need, and desire in their love life. Ico believes that as long as the people involved are consenting and existing relationship boundaries are being respected, it doesn’t matter what anyone else outside of that thinks or feels about what they are choosing to consensually do with each other. Ico believes that when you honor everything consensual and honor the authentic truth of yourself and others, you can have relationships that you LOVE and THRIVE in!

Elizabeth Ann Cunningham, Love Coach

Elizabeth Ann Cunningham’s mission and purpose in life is to transform the conversation of love on the planet so that all people are free to express the love they feel in every way. She envisions a world where everyone is free to fully express their love, where people have amazing and satiating s3x, and that ALL people cultivate relationships that fulfill their lives. Elizabeth has been a Love Coach for 5 years, focusing primarily on ethical non-monogamy and the LGBTQIA community. She has been studying and working in the field of human development, sexuality, love, and relationships for the past 14 years. Her podcast, “Love Dripping from the Walls”, that has reached 26+ countries. It has been her privilege to speak to people ages 5-85 on international and university platforms to Girl Scout Troops and the Boys and Girls Club. Topics exploring healthy and unhealthy relationships, LGBTQIA issues, confidence, leadership, and varying relationship styles. Discovering she was polyamorous, loving multiple people at once, Elizabeth understood why her many monogamous relationships had failed. It became her mission to educate and coach people to both understand and create relationship structures that truly worked for them and their partners.

Luckie Alexander

Luckie as a passionate advocate and founder of Invisible Men, aa organization focused on uplifting and building community among trans men and nonbinary transmasculine folks centered on people of color. Luckie is an important connector across LGBTQI community groups and organizations and a steadfast advocate for transmasculine people and trans parents. You may also know Luckie as a member of Gender Justice Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Transgender Advisory Council, a proud member & Historian of Brown Boi Project; an HIV Commissioner and a community advisory board member for UCLA’s Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services, a recipient of the Lou Sullivan Award for his work centered around transmasculine individuals in the HIV/AIDS arena, 2018 Mr. Quest, a community advocacy award with APAIT. Luckie is a crucial voice in health education and organizing, trans justice, and the movement for black lives. In 2019, he was the Assistant Strategy Director for the historic 2019 National Trans Visibility March. In 2020, he was the designer of the “ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER” art installation on Hollywood Blvd. Luckie Alexander, the founder of Invisible Men, is a Transman who is an advocate exacting change that builds bridges within the LGBTQI community and creates resources and support around transmasculine folks and trans parents.

Kathleen Hearod

Years of advocacy, overcoming her own childhood abuse, personal research & countless stories from individuals & experts Kathleen discovered many victims never report the abuse & live in the aftermath. Kathleen's passion is to bring awareness and encourage immediate or early reporting. She believes that the power is in “knowing” – knowing that it wasn’t your fault, knowing the guilt is not yours to possess &knowing it was never God’s plan. Kathleen is author to 4 books that support & empower survivors, including "Hurt People Help People." After years of abuse as a child Kathleen found herself being an advocate even as a teen. Classmates would come to her and share their story, People would bring people to her for help. Although she did not realize it at the time there was a calling on her life. In 2011 she wanted to shed herself of her trauma filled past and as part of therapy she began to write about it. Her intention was to finally get rid of the poison of the past. Instead, she found herself writing a book that would help others. That book was "Hurt People Help People". Writing that book provided a therapeutic release she never expected. Kathleen's passion is to bring awareness and encourage immediate or early reporting. After years of advocacy work, her own personal research, listening and learning from individuals and experts she discovered many victims never report the abuse they suffer. Many suffer from severe depression and feel they can never move on with life. She wants to inspire them by sharing her testimony and mindset shift God gifted her with. Kathleen believes there is power in knowing. She desires to empower parents, churches, schools, families, groups, and organizations across the globe.

Francesca Gentille

Francesca Gentille, Certified Clinical Sexologist and initiated shaman, inspires transformation through combining the science and soul of sexuality. For over 20 years, she has compassionately empowered 1000s of clients, and students around the world to reclaim their spark, bridge sexual differences, heal from trauma, and deepen self-love! Francesca is an expert in the field of integrating sexuality, consciousness, healing, Tantra, Conscious Non-Monogamy, and the use of BDSM as a therapeutic modality. She is professor at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology, where she is studying to receive her PHD. Ms. Gentille has conducted workshops and presented at conferences in the United States, Netherlands, Italy, Malta, Israel, England, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and England. She has developed the “5 Pillar Method Of Holistic Healing” and the “Inner Aspect Method” of awareness, inner harmony, and authentic choice. Her training has included: Non-Violent Communication, Somatic Sexology, Psychology, Shamanism, Clinical Sexology, Health Education, Conscious BDSM, Therapeutic Tantra, Psychodrama, and Jungian Psychotherapy. Ecospirituality. Training and mentors have included: Marshall Rosenburg, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Lori Grace Star, Dr. Gina Ogden, Dr. Patti Britton, Dr. Stephen Braverman, Matthew Fox, Brian Swimme, Joanna Macy, Thomas Hubl, and Dr. Joe Dipenza.