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Story of how we came together and created the Summit

Nika, Inez, and Maggie came together over our commitment to the world getting in touch with and empowered as sexual beings. Sex is fundamental to being human, as important as food, water, and air yet we don’t talk about it. We are both tantalized and appalled. Shamed and aroused.

We each had created our own niche conversations around the power of sex. Together we decided to create the Global Sexual Health and Freedom Summit where all people around the world could come together in a brave and collaborative space to learn and explore. To be in a conversation steeped in acceptance, diversity, and understanding. Where growth can occur, knowledge gained, and healing takes place.  

The Global Sexual Health and Freedom Summit is that vehicle.

Creating Global Harmony.

The acceptance, respect and enjoyment of human sexuality.


The Joyful acceptance of love and gratitude.


The diversity of humanity globally.


A Creative playful intimate Collaboration.


To inspire growth and development.


Empowering, Grounded, Peaceful Healing with Respect and dignity.

Each person understands the fundamentals of sexuality that allow us to manifest full self-expression.

Company Name: The House of Cherrelle

Person’s Name: Marnika Shelton

Story: The House of Cherrelle is a social enterprise that focuses on empowering people in the areas of health and sexuality. We do this through our community outreach podcast, events, providing resources and creating unique adult novelties. Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to enjoy their sex lives. We create a world free from sexual shame; where people are educated, empowered, and consent is taught as the framework for human interaction.

Company Name: Afrocentric Tantra

Person’s Name: Inez Teemer

Story: Inez Teemer is a Clinical Sexologist and Certified Master Sexpert. While working in the beauty industry, Inez realized, while in conversations with women, there was a concern about loving and intimate relationships being effective with their partners. 

So the idea of studying about relationships was born and Inez studied in The Dr Rachael Institute to become a Sexologist to assist people in transforming love and intimacy with each other.

Inez can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Company Name: World Peace thru Awesome Sex, LLC

Person’s Name: Maggie Rast

Story: Maggie is committed to each and every human being living a life they love with passion, freedom, and full self-expression. Believing that sex connects us all at a fundamental level, that creating and practicing in our personal lives the qualities of authentic communication, respect, and being a contribution are the same conversations that could lead to world peace.

Let’s create awesome sex, whatever that looks like not only for ourselves and our partners but let’s do IT for the WORLD