You know how many autistic adults and socially awkward professionals feel lonely and want to find love? Well, what Ico does is help them attract their dream romantic relationship without hiding their quirks. In order for autistic adults to to attract love into their life, the old “just be yourself” is not enough. Instead you must embrace and lean into your autistic quirks. At 25, if you're not married or at least dating someone, our culture thinks there's something wrong with you or you're in med school. But if you're on the autism spectrum, this is the norm. Not for a lack of desire to date, but because ""masking"" our autistic quirks trying to appear ""normal"" and fit in, frequently hears, ""What's wrong with you"" ""Just act normal"" - leaving us feeling unlovable for who we really are. Ico, the Autistic Love Mystic, has discovered that loving, trusting and accepting themself was the key to finding love and real intimacy.