Shaun Hamilton, a former US Navy submarine nuclear operator and author, has devoted his life to advocating for sexual abuse survivors and promoting their healing. His journey, influenced by personal tragedies and a deep commitment instilled from his time in the Boy Scouts and the Navy, drives his mission to create safer, more supportive environments for trauma survivors. Hamilton’s book, “When Your Partner Says #MeToo: Your Role & Responsibility In Their Recovery Process,” combines personal stories, research, and humor to highlight the crucial role of partners in supporting survivors. Through his advocacy, writing, and public speaking, he empowers allies and challenges societal norms to ensure survivors are fully supported in their recovery.

Kristin Rivas is a Hypnotherapist, Brain Health Coach, and online educator who takes people on life-changing, relationship-saving journeys. For the past decade, she has had the honor of assisting nearly 4,000 clients with transformational experiences to clear trauma and adopt better health and wellbeing through mindset and lifestyle changes. Her e-course, called Connection To Purpose, will equip you with the essential emotional intelligence skills every adult needs but most of us were never taught. As a mental health advocate, TEDx presenter and keynote speaker, Kristin has made a massive positive impact on over 1.5 million people’s lives and counting. Watch her TEDx talk “The Life Changing Power Of Words” or visit to learn more about her story, mission, and services.